avid's services

  • Traffic Impact Reports
  • DRI Analysis
  • Impact Fee Evaluation
  • Concurrency Analysis
  • Maintenance of Traffic (MOT certified)
  • Roadway Improvement Plans
  • Intersection Analysis & Design
  • Traffic Signal Warrant Studies
  • Traffic Signal Design
  • Access Management
  • Roadway Striping & Signing
  • Construction Traffic Control
  • Parking Studies & Design
  • Bikeways & Pedestrian Paths
  • Traffic Calming


AVID’s highly trained, multi-disciplinary staff has considerable broad experience in providing traffic and transportation engineering services to the public and private sectors.

We have completed hundreds of Traffic Impact Studies for projects ranging from commercial office parks to retail centers, shopping malls to school facilities, sports stadiums to auto dealerships.

Our access management services ensure that access to land development is maintained while the flow of traffic on the surrounding road system is preserved in terms of safety, capacity, and speed. We ensure that when properties are developed that our site designs are compatible with efficient movement of traffic onto and off of public roadways and, at the same time, are conducive to pedestrian movements, bicycle traffic, and transit usage.

AVID also ensures that development projects in Florida meet the requirements of the state’s Growth Management Act, which mandates that transportation infrastructure be in place to accommodate existing and approved development traffic demands, as well as traffic impacts expected from the proposed development in order for that development to obtain governmental approval.

AVID’s traffic engineering services have been provided to developers statewide, affording us a high degree of familiarity and knowledge of traffic concurrency issues. By applying alternative traffic methodologies, AVID has obtained traffic concurrency approval on congested roadways approaching maximum capacity.