avid's services

  • Environmental Planning and Permitting
  • Ecological Due Diligence
  • Jurisdictional Wetland Delineation
  • Wetland Mitigation Design and Monitoring
  • Listed Species Permitting, Surveying, and Relocation
  • Regulatory Agency Coordination
  • PD&E and DRI Consulting
  • UMAM Negotiation
  • Environmental Program Management
  • Expert Witness
  • Land Management Capabilities
  • Tree Surveys
  • Natural Resource & Benthic Habitat Mapping
  • GIS and CAD Production

Environmental Sciences

At AVID, we understand the need to balance environmental concerns with business realities. We also know that unexpected environmental issues with a property can have a major impact on your development plans and on your bottom line.

Our experienced staff collaborates with you and environmental regulators to clearly determine environmental objectives, to identify any environmental issues as early as possible, and to develop and implement the solution that best achieves regulatory compliance. Our review of a site’s environmental constraints will allow you to make time and money-saving decisions.

AVID’s environmental professionals stay on top of constantly changing environmental regulations. Our extensive experience working with municipal, county, state, and federal jurisdictions allows us to provide expedited environmental, listed species, and industrial permitting for your land development projects.

We also provide additional environmental services ranging from ecological due diligence to environmental program management to wetland mitigation and design.